DACO have created various videos ranging from businesses to charities. Here is a selection:

Kehilla NW Promo Clip
KehillaNW Purim Show - Promo Clip
Beis Soroh Schneirer Primary School
Beis Soroh Schneirer 2021 Building Campaign
Purim Spiel Video
Beis Medrash Elyon Purim Spiel Video 2021
Corporate Cartoon Promo
Aquevo Corporate Cartoon Promo Video
Hatzola NW Event
Hatzola NW Reception Video Highlights
Beis Medrash Elyon
Beis Medrash Elyon - New Approach (Century)
Beis Yaakov Primary School
Beis Yaakov Primary School Dinner Promo
Chaveirim Promo
Chaveirim Promotional Video
BME Dinner Video
BME Community Dinner Presentation
UK Siyum HaShas
UK Siyum HaShas Highlights
Hatzola NW 5-a-side promo
Hatzola NW 5-a-side promo
BME Community Dinner
BME Community Dinner Promo Video
Bais Yaakov Machon Chen
Bais Yaakov Machon Chen Campaign
Yeshiva Beis Aryeh Campaign
Yeshiva Beis Aryeh Campaign
Yeshivas Iyun Hatalmud
Yeshivas Iyun Hatalmud Campaign Video
Beis Hamedrash Imrei Shefer
Beis Hamedrash Imrei Shefer Campaign
Maalos Kedoshim Mikvah Campaign
Maalos Kedoshim Mikvah Campaign